Again, we have had an eventful year here at Moyra UK. We have fondly said goodbye to 2020 and we have welcomed in 2021. According to all of Moyra's traditions we would like to present its achievements on our new look website.
We have a lot of new and exciting things happening in 2021 so it is worth continuously following us on our social networks to get information about coming new products and events.
Without listing all, we would like to mention the most important developments.
We extended the colour selection of the popular Gel Look nail polish line, the child-friendly Kids nail polish and the Super shine collections.
We developed new nail art materials for nail professionals to use, keeping up with the latest fashions and trends.
The Moyra Nail Stamping System is still very popular. with numerous new top-quality, unique-themed, small and large stamping plates, stampers, stamping materials and accessories which are available to all nail professionals..
Diversity and top quality gives the speciality of Moyra brand in nail art, and our first priority is to consider and meet the expectations of our valued customers.
It is impossible to summarize every significant change in this short introduction, so let the diverse and colourful world of Moyra brand speak for itself. 

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