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We can control a lot of things…. Bills, weight, what flavour juice we drink. But sadly, we have no control of time and ageing.

As we get older, our skin loses collagen…. One key thing needed to keep our skin supple and youthful. And it’s not only our hands that are affected, as we get older, our nails become thin and vertical ridges are more visible, which then causes the nails to split and become brittle.

When it comes to our hands, they’re a key give away as regards to our age. We are contently putting them through daily brutal chores and wear and tear.

Giving your hands the much needed love they deserve is one way of stopping the signs of ageing.

Manicure therapists are a key factor to help clients maintain the youth in their hands.

Keeping the skin supple and hydrated is one way of deterring the effects of ageing. Moisturisers and hand masks are brilliant at injecting hydration into the nails. However, it’s all about what ingredients that are in the moisturisers that help. Ingredients like avocado and coconut are very rich in natural oils. These absorb naturally into the skin to give that balance and nourishment the skin needs.

Removing the top dead layers of the skin also helps with the anti-ageing process. Scrubbing the hands regular will help brighten the skin and can also help assist the effect of age spots.

Using an acidic based scrub will help brighten the skin also.

Ingredients like green tea and lemon are brilliant to work together to both help draw out any impurities and brighten and replenish the skin.

The Serenity hand treatment range is perfect for this.

When it comes to the nails, Moyra Keratin based nail polish hardener will benefit the nails no end. Giving the nails the much needed love that the ageing process takes away from them.

And of course, no manicure treatment that helps the ageing process is complete without the use of a good cuticle oil such as the Moyra red apple, raspberry pink and sky blue vanilla.



Nail hardener £3

Cuticle oil £4.20

Serenity hand care from £4.90 (size dependent)


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