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At Moyra we have a fantastic range of nail polishes, with over 200 different colours and effects.

All the polishes are from £3 a 12ml bottle which is fantastic value.

We have the classic range which offers over 60 colours and effects with glitters and shimmers complimenting the range of beautiful vibrant colours.

Gel look, is exactly what it says it is, a polish that looks as good as salon quality gel polish, fast drying and long lasting. This range has 80 colours of super shiny, easily removable modern colour.

We also have a range of effects polishes with the sand, sea salt, holographic, glamour and angel ranges available.

Sand effect (16 colours) is basically a textured polish, with glitter, that dries matte, all of which enhances the textured feel that you get when polish is dry. Make no mistake, it does not get its texture from simply being a glitter polish with a matte finish, it really does feel like your nails are covered in sand.

Sea salt (7 colours) is another textured polish, this time being a much shinier finish with larger, softer textures. White flecks of sea salt throughout the polish enhance the shine and add a delicate texture to the nail.

Holographic (5 colours) is again, precisely what it says and this range refracts light to give an interesting linear colour change effect. This range dries to a matte finish but with the addition of a top coat to give a perfect shine.

The Glamour shades range (7 colours) is exactly that with catwalk ready, extra shiny, smooth, glittery polish.

Angel (6 colours) is a subtle, delicate glitter polish range based around white and pale hues.


Effects polishes such as these, offer the ability for clients to experiment easily with different effects either at home or in the salon. Nail polish is often overlooked in a salon environment as Gel polish has to some extents, taken over. It is often an idea to use gel polish as a base colour coat and then add designs with polish. This can then be easily removed by the client and the Gel will last for weeks.

Effects polishes that are not easily available on the high street are a useful after sale item. Having a basket full of polishes for a few pounds will always attract buyers in your salon, the client may wish to experiment her/himself and can be pointed in the right direction to have some to take home. 

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